The strength of partnerships

We want to meet the most pressing demands of our sector and believe that success can also arise from collaborations based on a shared vision.

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We build trusted partnerships to advance on the path of innovation

For this reason, we are constantly searching for opportunities to combine the most innovative ideas with our experience and solutions, turning projects into successful products.
We have built and want to expand our network of B2B collaborations.
Which makes us the ideal partner for companies interested in engineering applications with the latest technologies available on the market, as well as in successful marketing.

Our partnership model is based on:

  • an integrated business development and licensing approach, from the identification of goals and project development to the implementation of the same
  • in-depth market analysis and the search for new opportunities through dedicated teams
  • rapid and efficient processes
  • the creation of agreements for different types of projects
robotic storage
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Collaborations with high scientific value

For LOGIBIOTECH, partnership also means counting on important collaborations with main opinion leaders in the sector in which it operates, Scientific Institutes, Research Centres and Universities.

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